Welcome to the Argus Online Guide. This site gives you detailed visuals to help you best use Argus Online. If you don’t have an Argus Online account, feel free to browse this site to better understand what Argus Online can do for you.



What is Argus Online?

Argus Online is a web portal that allows you to connect directly to Argus Carriers and us to you. With a direct connection between our clients we can serve you better.

Argus Online allows you to:

  • Create Shipments and Schedule Pickups
  • Print Waybills
  • Calculate Cube
  • View Rates
  • Track Shipments
  • View POD's
  • View Invoices
  • Print Shipping Manifests
  • Plus More...


To open an Argus Online account contact customer service at Argus Carriers and they can help you with your online registration. Call 604-433-1556 or email

You will need a billing account with Argus Carriers first, if you do not have this or have never shipped with Argus Carriers please contact Sales. Call 604-433-1556 or email